Sunday Morning Adventure

When that elusive sun shines in Ireland - there is no other place I'd rather be. It makes everything instantly glorious - the foliage looks lush, the sky becomes endlessly blue with hues you never knew existed and of course, everyone is 99% happier which is always nice.




This weekend, we grabbed the pooch and hightailed it to Killiney. Apparently it had a hill with wicked good views over the ocean — a rumour, that I can now wholeheartedly confirm.
The views are intensely good, especially from the top of Killiney Hill (hello Panoramic view of the Bay) but even before we arrived — the views were incredible. The seascape, the epic houses, the twisting picturesque roads and the high-stoned walls transported us to last Summer along the unforgettable Amalfi Coast. 
A really terrific way to spend a Sunday morning.
S x


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