Wall Decor: DIY X Washi Design

A little while ago we created a geometric wall design with washi tape and almost as soon as it was up - I was looking for my next washi-tape project. Gimme a wall! My kingdom for a blank wall! Anyway, after minutes of searching high and low,  I found it ... the bear's 'man-cave'. It's fairly tame decor-wise, he's got his comic-book artwork on the walls and his guitar but apart from that, we're talking whitewash city. The perfect canvas - HUZZAH!
With this wall design, I really wanted to create something with serious impact and because it's white - I decided to go with black washi tape for a clean contrast and opted for a simple cross motif that I would replicate across and down the wall. Don't be frightened by the fact that we're essentially creating a wall full of crosses here, it's about the overall aesthetic we're achieving here and believe me it's GOOD.



 - Roll of Washi Tape
 - Measuring Tape (Optional)
 - Pencil
 - Scissors
Music to work to: Jump by Kris Kross - because...ah come on, I don't need to say it do I? We're making crosses...the band is called Kris Kross...? There ya go!
Awesome Femme we are channelling: Buffy Summers - we're channelling one of TV's most kick-ass chicks of ALL TIME and why? Cause she knew how to weld a cross real good.
Firstly give your wall a quick wipe with a dry cloth to get any dust or grime off as this will effect the stickiness of the washi tape. Then decide what size you want your crosses to be - for more impact go larger, for less go smaller. In the end my crosses measured about 3 inches in diameter and the best way to decide this is to actually measure different sized crosses, apply to your wall, take a step back and then pick which one looks best. 
After you've decided on size, cut many lengths in your desired size and get a sticking!
The first and second cross will determine the spacing of the rest of the pattern. DO NOT measure the space between each cross as this will inevitably drive you insane, just use your eye - stick and move on. And it looks better this way - trust me. Every couple of crosses do take a moment to stand back and see if the pattern looks even and if something looks very wrong you can simple undo and adjust with the same tape. It doesn't rip off paint so adjust to your hearts content. 


And BOOM - you've just created a completely unique statement wall for less than a fiver! Well done you. If you like this and are going to do your own version - please send us a snap, we'd love to see your handiwork and don't forget to #bearandshare!

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