Powdery Pink Interiors

There is something innately nostalgic about pink, it evokes sugary flavours from childhood like candyfloss and sticks of seaside-bought rock, it harks to a simpler time when all we had to concern ourselves with is which blush fairytale princess tutu to adorn that day – but as I’ve also discovered this season, pink makes for a fresh, modern and utterly desirable shade when incorporated into our homes.
This Summer, April and the Bear has embraced pink with gusto – we’ve sourced contemporary rose glass side tables as well as gloriously tactile pale pink velveteen cushions and we’re combining them with a mottled grey knits (pouffes), raw natural concrete (lights) and clean grey cushions with Memphis-style prints throughout.
As well sail along in a calm sea of pastel pink, we thought we'd gather together some of our favourite interior spaces that embrace pink — and here they are. 
Images via Pinterest
How do you feel about pink? Would you buy a pink sofa?
For a closer look at our pink offer in store — click here. 
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