Hot 'Dam! A Quick Stop in Amsterdam.



A few months ago one of my closest mates was talking about a trip to Amsterdam that she had planned for her and her significant other. It went a little like this...

'I've just booked a trip to Amsterdam for our first Wedding anniversary' 

'Can I come?'


Granted afterwards I did cop that I was probably intruding on a romance heavy trip but by then it was too late, besides the Bear had been roped in at that stage AND I had also discovered a kick ass trade show that I REALLY want to go to...

So off we went and it has to be said - the city is cool, it's much larger than I had anticipated with gorgeous architecture, a slew of stunning canals and TONS of extremely chilled cyclists. 

Here's what I loved...

EAT - If your jam is insanely delish brunch/lunch food and cool industrial interiors make sure to pop by Tinner on Rokit. I had a grilled cheese and nearly lost my mind AND Sweet Jesus, make sure to order the truffle fries. 




Another very cool place to eat and drink caffine was Coffee + Coconuts on Ceintuurbaan - which had a super-chilled, surf-tastic vibe with healthy but yum foods on offer. Also the staff all looked like models which I find always helps a dining experience! 


Oh and one of the funniest things we did was book brunch on the Gs Brunch Boat - it's a totally lush brunch (with cocktails) that is served to you as you sail along the canals of Amsterdam. It's a total treat and a brilliant way to see the city. 


SHOP - we didn't do a whole lot of shopping however we did pop into the MADE.COM store and ogled the beautiful furniture and then stumbled across a fashion store called 'We Are Labels' which was very cool indeed. It has a minimal, chic aesthetic and beautiful unisex brands that you won't find in Ireland. 

And I realise now that I've been trilling on about food in Amsterdam when I should probably be talking about interior trends and what not but alas and alack I've no time...but I will in the next blog post.


S x

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