New Jewels to Drool Over...

Have you been formally introduced to your new obsession? No?! Well welcome -  this new jewellery collection is by Irish designer Eily O' Connell.

Eily grew up in Donegal on the North West coast of Ireland and hence sea themes are very evident throughout her work, like her absolutely stunning Snip necklace and crab claw earrings. I remember seeing the Snip necklace it a few years ago and fell instantly in love with it, since then I've always had it on my mind so I'm genuinely so happy to introduce this stunning brand to the store.

Throughout Eily's collection, there are constant references to human manipulation of nature as the designer is concerned with our ecological impact on it and so tries to highlight important issues through her pieces and collections. 

Eily sources sustainable materials where possible including recycled metals and fair-trade gemstones, pop into store to see her new collection or shop online here.

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