Getting to know you - Rachel Corcoran

Rachel Corcoran is a freelance illustrator from Dublin, Ireland - I first spotted her beautiful work on Instagram and knew her original art would work wonderfully in the shop. Having originally qualified as an archaeologist and art historian, Rachel now works exclusively as a professional illustrator, while also providing design services for clients. Rachel's images evoke a sense of wonder and whimsy, and her love and knowledge of history and long-forgotten worlds is captured within her delicious work. Now, let's get to know her a little better...

Who is your favourite artist?
It’s difficult to pick one, but John Lavery, J.M.W Turner and J.B Yeats are a few of my favourites. 
What inspires you?
I’m inspired by nature and natural surroundings, historical fashions, vintage curiosities and personal ephemera that may carry interesting stories. 
What's your go-to coffee order? 
I’m not a big fan of coffee, and would order tea if I’m out. My sister however makes the best homemade Mocha, using a little bit of espresso with lots of hot milk, cocoa powder and some maple syrup - it’s the only coffee drink I like!
Favourite TV Show?
That’s another tough choice. 'Friends' or 'Gilmore Girls'( But of COURSE!)


Go to Karaoke song?
I think it has to be anything by Abba!
Most intense Netflix obsession?
I love Netflix, especially the documentaries. I’ve just finished ‘The Roosevelt’s: An Intimate History’ and it was absolutely fascinating and inspiring. 
Most googled person (bar yourself)?
At the moment, Mary Poppins - research for an upcoming illustration.
Guilty pleasure?
Carrot cake with plenty of cream cheese frosting.
Favourite place?
I love Co.Wicklow, and Powerscourt Gardens is one of my favourite places to visit. The scenery is breath-taking. 
Most treasured possession?
My digital drawing tablet.


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