A little trip up North...

This world of ours is a very hectic place, and as I get older it seems to get busier and busier. Which is why taking time out is so important, time away from work, time away from emails, even time away from Instagram is GOOD for the soul. So that's exactly what the Bear & I did last weekend. We booked a little airbnb beside the sea in Northern Ireland and it was B L I S S. 

We wined, we dined (in), we waxed lyrical about our future, we threw the ball for gizmo (into the sea obvz), I sprained my ankle (there was a trampoline) and generally just had the best time together away from everything and everyone. Here are a few snaps from our little trip away and lads it has to be said, the airbnb we stayed in was AMAZING. Deadly decor, amazing location and lovely owners! 

Peace out and remember chaps, we only have one life - so make time for you and the people you love. 

S x

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