yoga at april and the bear

I don't have mountains of friends, I have a nice number and I adore them and am constantly in awe of them. One of these friends is a particularly sweet, loyal, lovely person and is so full to the brim with enthusiasm for life. Well enthusiasm for everything really - health, the sea, yoga, gin, her pooch, her home, her lovely hubbie, Game of Thrones and well the list goes on and on.

She is a ball of light and energy and love and is a joy to behold or just be in the same room as. When she decided to start studying yoga, I was so sure she was on the right path. Focusing on the positive and on your health is what she's all about and when she took the leap to open her own yoga studio last year - I was so so proud of her. So when we decided that we were going to launch 'experiences' in our Rathmines space, I knew our first one had to be with Sinead.


I'm so excited that we can come together as two friends but also as two independent business owners/women and share our passions together. Supporting your female friends and colleagues and people you admire is really important I think. The world can be a scary place but we can change it, and by supporting people and causes and movements and businesses that you believe in - it makes a difference, it makes the world better. Even just a little bit. 

So on the 30th of this month, we're turning our light-filled store into a yoga space. Sinead will bring us through a slinky Sunday Slow Flow — with lots of slow deep stretches after which she'll bring us through a lovely-guided meditation. You won't know yourself afterwards, trust me.

And then we'll feast on delicious food from Pot Bellied Pig.

I'm so excited to introduce this experience - I think/hope you're going to love it. Hopefully it'll be the start of lots of new and engaging experiences at April and the Bear. Click here for tickets. 

You'll find more information about Sinead at her fabulous website - Moons Yoga, including her stunning yoga studio schedule and more...

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