Renovating the House: Master Bedroom Plans

One of the most important things for the bedroom is that we have LOADS of storage – storage is super not sexy, but it’s so important to have functional storage in your home or keeping your house in anyway neat will be a constant nightmare.

We’ve learned this the hard way – with bedsheets and towels stored in our kitchen as it’s the only place with ample cupboard space. We decided we would create a walk-in wardrobe against one of the walls – with no doors as it would be mostly hidden by a faux wall we’re going to build towards the centre of the room, which our bed will sit in front of. We’re going to wallpaper this faux wall in a green painterly wallpaper that I’ve been obsessed with for an age and we’re going to create a vanity area (a space for my face things finally) in one of the alcoves off the fireplace, we’ll swap out the fireplace for a smaller cast iron one and may or may not do a little more storage the other side of the fireplace. Here’s a basic plan for what’s happening.


 We’re going for a white/green and grey palette with highlights of pink and black – I adore green in an interior. It exudes freshness, especially when combines with white so I’m really looking forward to seeing this colour palette take shape!

The Bear is currently working on the bedroom and is making pretty stellar progress, he's taken up the old floorboards, insulated and is replacing with ply in preparation for the carpet and is now scraping the old paper off the walls in preparation for new plaster for the walls.

2 Weeks Ago + Now


And because Ireland (and the shop) has basically shut down due to the snow at the moment, I may do some gentle wall scraping later today (my ever expanding mid-point means that getting properly stuck into work on the house is a no-go which I must say I’m fairly pleased about…)

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