Renovating the House: Part Two

We've come to that stage in our lives - where the state of the upstairs can no longer be ignored.

When we first bought the house all those years ago, we had enough youthful energy, optimism and money to tackle downstairs and the landing and the rest would have to wait. Sure we threw a lick of paint over the walls in the interim in the hope that this would disguise the horror but it needed more than paint. It needed love, it needed attention and it needed some proper thought. So we decided 2018 would be the year - we upped our savings effort and decided that we'd hire some outside help to get the work done quicker. 

5 months later - after multiple companies/lads have visited the house to quote us and then of course, mysteriously disappear into the Irish building-industry ether - we seem to FINALLY have found a chap that gets us, understands what we want to achieve and isn't going to charge us a small fortune...well hopefully. The plan is that over the next few months we convert the old office space into our bedroom, the terrifying bathroom into a cool ensuite and the spare room into a spare bedroom. We also have hopes for installing larger skylights into the hall but we'll see how the rest goes first!

I plan on covering the progress on the blog and over the next few weeks will share what we plan to do with the spaces - hopefully the end result will match our plan, or will be close enough.

But for now - here are the spaces we'll be transforming...

The Old Office Space



The T I N Y (+ terrifying) Bathroom

The Spare Room

Wish us luck!

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