Our first Jewellery collection - Tory Long + April and the Bear

tory long april and the bear exclusive jewellery collection

I've always wanted to design my own jewellery collection and when April and the Bear started all those years ago - it seemed serendipitous. 

'I'll just design and create my own jewellery and sell in April and the Bear. PERFECTO', I thought with the gullibility of a new born.  

Of course starting, building and running your own business is a somewhat mammoth task and takes ALL of your time so almost as soon as the business began, the 'jewellery designing' idea was seriously shelved. 

Then earlier this year, that creative inkling returned and so I turned to one of my favourite Irish designers and good pal Tory Long for a little chat which lead us to the conclusion that we needed to create something together. 

tory long april and the bear exclusive jewellery collection  

We got to work pulling imagery together and how we wanted the collection to look - we both adore a pared-back aesthetic and wanted this collection to embody that. Geometrical shapes were integral to the design and we really wanted to introduce new earthy stones and loved the fresh marble white stones and washed out turquoises that we found. We discovered that we were inspired by clean lines and celestial ideologies and so got to work amalgamating all these ideas together into one cohesive collection. 

And MONTHS later here we are...and I gotta tell you - I'm so excited to show you, but even more so, I'm SO excited to wear the collection. 

We launch in-store and online on Thursday the 6th of July and are having a little 'do' in the store on Cows Lane (*bubbles guaranteed) from 4pm so if you're around please pop in. 

Can't wait for you to see it! 

S x


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