Statement Storage...

A little while ago whilst sipping coffee in our living room, the Bear and I decided that we needed more storage. Yup, storage. Sexy it ain't but for a peaceful home/ mind it's kind of important, especially when you can't walk from the kitchen to the hall without tripping over decade-old Converse.

Anyway, the Bear wanted to build a floor to ceiling cupboard in one of the living room alcoves and to be honest I wasn't sure...but he clearly had a DIY hankering and before you knew it, the bestie Dave and Dad-in-law had been roped in and hey presto we had a new storage cupboard. 


The benefits of the cupboard were many - the Dyson finally had a home, not to mention the piles of runners we could now shut away B U T boy howdy it looked weird. The doors were kind of shiny and their white colour wasn't the same as the walls and strangely looked kind of greenish? All in, it looked completely random. 

The original idea was that the doors of the cupboard would be white and hence it would subtly meld into the room and no-one would notice and all would be well. This was not to be, so we decided to embrace it and went the direct opposite way with the project.

We decided to cover the doors with the boldest wallpaper we could find. I actually was planning on using this Studio Job wallpaper in our Master Bedroom but actually the colours in the wallpaper were perfect for the living room, so we got to pasting...



... and THANKFULLY love the result. Look the Studio Job l'Afrique wallpaper is mental and definitely not for everyone but we L O V E it. It gives the room so much personality and makes a real statement, also because of the colours in it - it brings the room together in a really cohesive yet fun manner. So, yay for statement storage! 


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