Hygge for the Home

Hygge (rhymes with ‘cougar’) sure as hell has its priorities right, loosely defined as a concept, feeling and action that promotes wellbeing and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. As the turmoil-filled 2016 comes to a close it’s little wonder that this craze has hit home with so many people and thus shortlisted as one of the ‘Words of the Year’ by both the Oxford and Collins dictionaries.

Here at April and the Bear we are long-time-lovers of all things Danish and can totally get on board with tips on how to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Scroll down to see our top pointers to incorporate hygge into your home and to help you along the road to a restorative post-Christmas deep chill! 

1. Build on the Natural

Wood is one of the most inviting natural textures you can use in the home. A neutral palette will create an environment for contemplation and accentuate natural daylight which is low in these long winter months.

2. Use Candles 

Candlelit is one of the most quoted actions to evoke hygge. Ease the mind and body by taking the time to let in the little things that brighten up your day like the gentle flicker of a real flame. 

3. Cuddle Up

In these cold winter months, nestling into a woollen blanket and super soft cushions is just what you need after a long day and is RIGHT on point within this nordic concept.

4. Kick Start the Resolutions 

Surrounding yourself with art that reflects your personality is always good for the soul but there’s nothing better than getting your creative side out. So dust of the paints or whip out the camera and start filling your walls with warm memories. 

5. Clear Your Diary 

Being present is the most important aspect of hygge but in this fast paced modern society, multi-tasking is the norm. This year be sure to schedule in some down-time and turn over a new leaf. 

Happy Hygge! 

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