Heard the news?

As you may have discerned from our not so subtle hints over the last few weeks - WE ARE OPENING A STORE! A permanent one! In Dublin!
We're super excited and B U S Y working behind the scenes to set the shop up - as we're aiming for a March 1st opening. Yeah that's 2 weeks time. A H H !
Anyway we've got oodles of new brands that we'll be introducing to the store and new B E A U T I F U L categories like wallpaper that you'll be able to see and touch in store - oh my! 
Anyway, we just wanted to pop our news up on the blog because after all, NONE of this would be happening without you guys. Your support, loyal shopping tendencies and kind words have made all the difference to April and the Bear and have given us the confidence to take the leap to physical store. Online will trade as usual, so worry not all you lovely non-Dublin located customers! 
Keep you're eyes on social media for updates on the shop's progress but all going to plan - we should be opening on March 1st on Cows Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin 8. 
See yis there! 
S x

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