How to: Transform your IKEA Blind

We recently opened our first flagship store and we covered one wall in fabulous MIND THE GAP Jardin Tropical leaf wallpaper and had a little left obviously I decided to put the leftovers to use! 
You'll need:
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Wallpaper
  • Paste Brush
  • Pencil & Measuring Tape
  • Roller Blinds
  • A modicum of patience

Music to work to: John Mayer's Love on the Weekend

Awesome Femme we are channelling: Today we’ll be channeling Abigail Ahern - one of my ULTIMATE girlboss crushes who inspired this blogpost! 
  1. Lay your roller blind on a flat and clean surface and place dust sheet or similar underneath. Roll out the blind to the length it is when you usually pull it down at night and then add another 12cm (for over the bottom lip and the other side).
  2. Measure and mark this length on both sides of the roller blind and draw a straight line across the blind.
how to wallpaper onto rolled blinds
3. This line is your guide - place your wallpaper rolls along this line and make sure all your lengths match up.
4. Now get your wallpaper paste ready and prepare to get messy! Paste the back of the wallpaper roll (pay particular attention to the edges) and place along the pencilled line onto the roller blind.
5. Continue until the entire blind is covered.
6. Let it dry and boom, you've just created an awesome new blind!
How to: Transform your IKEA Blind
How to: Transform your IKEA Blind
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