Goats Cheese Herb and Nut Roll

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We're sharing our secret to stress-free festive entertaining again! As we all know, CHEESE is the best. In all it's guises - soft, hard, whatever, I'll eat it with gusto! Today we're going to focus on one of the softer cheeses, we're going to show you how to whip together a fun, easy festive feast for you and your guests this Christmas. 


A large handful of seasonal nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts and pecans

2 springs of fresh rosemary

2 Tsp of dried cranberries 

200g St. Tola's goats cheese

2 Toasted ciabatta’s cut into strips


 1. Combine half the nuts, rosemary, and dried cranberries on a chopping board, mince thoroughly.

2. Add the remaining nuts, rosemary, and dried cranberries to the board and chop into larger pieces.

You want a combination of of fine and larger pieces. 

3. Lay out the mixture and roll the St Tola’s goats cheese covering it entirely, pat the mixture into any empty sections. 

4. Spread out the cheese over the toasted ciabatta.

5. Sprinkle over some remaining mixture.

6. Serve with tidings of comfort and joy! 


Wine Suggestion:

Works well with a crisp white wine such Chablis, Picpoul de Pinet or a cheeky Pinot Grigio.

cheese feast recipe easy


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