Grá Art Print - Exclusive


If you would like to pre-order a Gra print please email 

We are so excited about this!

April and the Bear in collaboration with lettering artist Rachel Joy Price have created a new exclusive Giclee art print that comes in two unique colourings and sizes.

Rachel Joy Price is a Lettering Artist based between London + Paris. Descended from a great grandfather who was part of the team of sign painters who worked on the titanic, Rachel's work is versatile, spanning a variety of media from traditional sign painting for commissions as art pieces, to crafting scripts & 3D lettering for brands worldwide, working on advertising, packaging, book covers and prints.

This bold, punchy + graphic art piece reads Grá – meaning love in Irish, something we all need a little more of at the moment.

In comes in two glorious sizes – A2 + A3.

Each Giclee print has a digital signature - comes unframed. 


10% of profits will be donated to MASI (The Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland).

Exclusive collection, only available at April and the Bear. 


Pink art print coming back into stock shortly.

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