Renovating the House: Nearly There

Admittedly our updates on the renovation have been quiet as of late. This has been for a couple of reasons - I totally forgot how unpleasant it is living on site (not conducive to blogging at ALL), the renovations ran over time wise and of course went WAY over budget - so in other words, I've been VERY busy being super stressed and this has taken priority over blogging. Soz.

Now before we hurdle into what stage we're at with the renovations, I'd like to just have a quick chat/ moan about budgeting and builders. Lads what is the story?!? Why is it that within this particular industry, there seems to be no concept of sticking to a budget or to the quote given to you? It's like they see the quote as a bemusing anecdote that they told drunkenly at a party one time but didn't really mean and don't really even recall anymore and let me tell you they CERTAINLY won't be sticking to it in anyway, anywhere even close incidentally.

And breathe.  

Okay so back to our house and the progress, we are nearly there. Basically all the major work (wall knocking/ bathroom fitting/ tiling/ plastering) has been completed and we're now at the decorating stage. The plan was to have the whole house completely finished by the end of May but due to budget constraints and an impending due date (?!) we're going to focus on getting the Master bedroom and ensuite finished and we'll sort the rest out during the Summer. 

So here are a few visual updates on how the house is fairing currently and over the next few weeks I'll focus on each space separately and show how they've morphed over the last few months. 



This dust sheet/ door was a GENIUS buy by the Bear - if you are going to attempt to live on site when renovations are happening - GET THIS. It doesn't keep all the dust out because that's ridiculous and impossible but it does give you a fairly dust-free zone away where you can run and hide. Highly recommend. 

For more instant updates on the house - check out our Insta stories but we'll be back here with updates very soon and sorry about the rant!

S x

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