Hello Autumn!

I adore this time of year, to me it signifies change - I'm sure that's residual juju from my school/college going years and going back to a new term but it still gets me at this time, year in and year out. 

And this year I'm more excited than ever, the darker nights mean more ambient candles to light, the evening chill means those well loved (and new) blankets and throws will take up their usual spot on the sofa for the next few months...and of course there's that festive occasion coming up too. This year we'll be celebrating it with our new bear cub and that is incredibly exciting - yes, she'll still be too little to understand what's actually going on but that doesn't mean I won't be rocking her around the twinkling tree whilst singing 'Last Christmas'. So exciting but yes, I'm totally jumping the gun. 

Let's get back to Autumn...

This season at April and the Bear, we're all about strong bold hues of mustard, the soft supple textures of sheepskin and velvet, beautiful brass and bringing nature inside with stunning vases and hanging planters.

Here are a few of our favourites pieces...some are already in store and some are on the way. Happy Autumn!

This ceiling light is seriously gorgeous - it features eight glass globes arranged around a beautifully designed black and brass light fixture. With mid-century vibes and a luxe feel, this light elevates any space. We love it so much we hung it in our bedroom remodel (read more about that here.)

This shelving unit is stunning! Made with brass and glass - it's one of those pieces that you'll love to look at and use forever. Not in store yet but due in soon. 

Will our obsession with planters ever cease? Probably but not yet! The galaxy planter is a winner, it's the planter on the bottom with the kick ass swirly motif - hang yours anywhere for instant awesome design feels. 


This mustard cushion is terribly grown up and I love it - the pattern is gorgeous and will work really well when arranged with other black and grey cushions. In store soon. 

I almost know I shouldn't put this one up here because I genuinely need it. This DARK GREY SHEEPSKIN throw is utterly divine. The look. The feel. The colour. Not in store just yet but by jove when it is I'm buying it, wrapping myself up in it ala John Snow and never taking it off again. 

This brass shelf is so cool, it's nice and light so will easily hang anywhere but also looks incredibly cool. The brass colour means it will look especially delicious against darker walls. This beauty is in store now - shop it online here

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