Autumnal Lighting: Brass

September is one of my favourite months of the year — to me it means new beginnings, colder nights and darker days. Inevitably this ignites WINTER NESTING mode which involves pulling our heavy coats out of the high cupboard, stocking up on wood for the imminent fires we'll have to light, cheeky splurges on new soft throws for the couch (crucial for any self-respecting Netflix obsessor) and thinking about new ways to light the house. I'm not kidding.
As we enter the last segment of the year, the light changes. Yes it gets darker earlier in the evenings, but also that period before dark — dusk, is much longer.  This transient 'in-between' period is glorious, the light is muted, it's not quite night but it's not quite day. I love this light and I try and recreate it throughout the night with lighting. Side Lighting is best for creating any sort of ambient light and what I've come to realise is that metallic lights work best. Due to their metallic surface, they bounce warm light more than a matt surface will and as I slowly but surely paint more and more of the house in darker colours, NOTHING works better than metallic lighting. Just look at these gorgeous examples of brass lights I found on Pinterest.  
The contrast between the metallic sheen and the dark background is like no other and it's something that I love to introduce with my design clients, especially in the living room and bedroom. 
It's something that I definitely kept in mind this year when buying lighting for April and the Bear, every light I sourced, I had a specific location and function in mind for it. The Swirl brass lamp would look particularly good in dark living room and the idea of the Circle Brass Ceiling light hanging either side of a bed! I mean, come on. 
Here's a few of my absolute faves... for a closer look at them pop here. 

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