To Dress Extravagantly Post-Brexit Art Print


A wry view from across the Irish Sea

This humourous print comes from Irish design house Artillery Brand. 

Whatever you think about Brexit, it’s one of the more important events in Europe of the twenty-first century. And it reminded Artillery brand of that poster from WW1, which was aimed at encouraging well-heeled people to buy War Bonds instead of flamboyant or extravagant fashion.

They replaced ‘In War Time’ with ‘Post Brexit’, repaired some type, restored some colour, and the result is a quirky conversation-starter and a very individual souvenir sign-of-the-times. The perfect gift for the socially-minded and fashionable.

Everything is beautifully printed - lithographically - on 170 gsm Munken Pure Rough and each is hand-embossed, ensuring a blemish-free print. They measure 338mm in height and 240mm in width.  

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