The Original Hotline Bling Art

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This bold screen print is the B U S I N E S S.

If you're an 80's baby, no doubt you'll recognise this colourful toy. I mean we ALL had one! This deadly art print is from the talented digits of Irish artist Helen Devine. 

Helen is a multidisciplinary artist working in illustration, videography, photography, sculpture and graphic design. Not satisfied with working in just one medium she utilises all of her skills in her work, giving her a diverse portfolio. Born in the 80s, she is yet to fully grow up, hence her nostalgic nod to the past with her 'Original Hotline Bling' print. When Helen is not creating art, she is happiest in nature with a few doggies by her side (no offence humans!). 

This print measures 32 x 45cm and has been screen printed by Jill & Gill. All prints are signed by the artist and comes in a limited edition run of 50. 



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