Pug Cut And Sew Tea Towel

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Think Tea Towels are just for drying the dishes? Think again, this fabulous design by Gemma Correll doubles as a DIY project, turning into a really cool cushion/snuggle buddy - see image to the left! 

1. Cut along the dotted lines
2. With the printed sides facing each other, sew along the edge, leaving a small gap.
3.Turn your pug inside out.
4. Stuff him with a filling of your choice (rags, cotton, beans, secret pirate booty)
5. Sew up the hole — and snuggle.

Cool tip number 1: if you fill it with beans you can use it as a door stop rather than a little cushion!

Cool tip number 2: Don't make this into a cushion after it becomes a smelly old tea towel as we don't think it'll be quite so charming.

Details:100% Cotton.

Machine Washable. 
Iron using medium heat.
L: 47cm x W: 75cm.


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