Moustache Art Print


This humourous print comes from Irish design house Artillery Brand.

Artillery Brand’s Eoghan Nolan had a Great-Granny, Norah Martin, who lived on the South Circular in Dublin and was known for her pithy sayings, many of which she appeared to have coined herself. Given this saying, you have to think Great-Granny would have been glad to see Movember and the surge in the number of men with moustaches.

Letter-crafted by one of the world’s leading exponents – Novia Jonatan of Jakarta, this piece is beautifully printed - lithographically - on 170 gsm Munken Pure Rough and each is hand-embossed, ensuring a blemish-free print.

Each print measures 338mm in height and 240mm in width.   

Also for every Moustache poster sold before December 1st, €2 will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society.


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