Magnetic Art Print Frame


As someone that adores and has a lot of art prints, I understand that finding frames for all the difference sizes they tend to come in can be frustrating. I mean how many times have you snipped the end off a print in an effort to fit it into a standard-sized frame? Right?

Well stop snipping because these magnetic frames will work with (pretty much) any sized print. The wooden frame comes in two parts; the top part is held together with 3 sets of strong magnets which can be pulled apart — this is where the top of the print goes. And the bottom part works in the same way - you pull apart the base, place the bottom of your print inside and then close. 

Hang from the attached white rope for a cool contemporary look or mount  the frames into a wall — each frame has holes at the back for this reason. 

The smaller frame measures 32 cm in length and comes in Ply wood or Black - it works perfectly for A3 Portrait Prints. 

The medium frame comes in Black and it works perfectly for A2 Portrait Prints or A3 Landscape Prints. 

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