Lets Charles Dance


This tongue-in-cheek art print features a pink Charles Dance with a Bowie-esque lighting flash across his face. The artist Daniel Seex always starts to sing Let's Dance by David Bowie whenever Charles Dance comes on screen (no seriously EVERY time) and hence this print was born - ironically Daniel completed it the day before Bowie passed. 

Daniel works primarily in pen and ink adding colour and texture digitally and often building a picture from multiple works. This allows his work to have a flexibility that is useful when it come to illustration. He has a taste for surrealism and deadpan humour and would cite contemporary illustrators such as Tom Gould, Jon Klasson and Yuko Shimizu  as his major influences.

This art print measures 29.5 x 29.5 cm and is printed on to 260 – 350 gm, linen art paper and yes it would make a great gift for that Bowie/GOT lover in your life. 

Exclusive to April and the Bear. 

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