Jeff Goldblum Art Print



Oh Jeff - how I adore thee.

This original digital illustration is inspired by the cult movie 'Jurassic Park,' and the suave and ever predicting Dr Ian Malcolm, played by the glorious Jeff Goldblum. 

This illustrated print comes from Irish artist Rachel Corcoran, Rachel is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Dublin, Ireland. Having originally qualified as an archaeologist and art historian, Rachel now works exclusively as a professional illustrator and designer. Rachel's images evoke a sense of wonder and whimsy, and her love and knowledge of history and long-forgotten worlds is captured beautifully within her work.

This super quality A3 print is printed on 350gsm recycled Cyclus paper with plant-based ink and it measures 29 x 42 cm. 

Exclusively available with April and the Bear in this size. 


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