Function Black Light Chain


I've been SLIGHTLY obsessed with chunky outdoor light chains for a while. I love their nonchalant air & moody glow but I found it really difficult to source them. Sure I could find OKAYISH versions but I wanted the best. 

And then, I found them. Chunky, Black, Long, Weighty, Outdoor - approved! Each chain has 10 large LED bulbs on a 8.4 metre chain and looks DEADLY. Embrace your inner Scandi and drape them across your dining room for an intensely stylish space like this stunning space.  


Please note that this light can be used inside and outside - please ensure that the transformer is plugged into the main supply indoors and not outdoors. This set is fitted with replaceable Edison type E27 LED bulbs and operates on 36V 166mA IP44 adaptor. Two prong plug. 


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