Dino Claw Ring

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This Dino claw ring by VERAMEAT is the business, it simultaneously looks edgy and cool while also evoking memories of playing with plastic dinosaurs as a kid — what more do you want from a ring?! Plus it would be very handy not to mention effective in a fist fight — always good to know.

This unusual jewellery collection is designed and handcrafted by former model Vera, from her East Village studio in New York City. Each design reflects a personal inspiration — from travelling the world, to botanical structures of light to childhood obsessions such as paleontology, anatomy and monsters — all these ideologies are sculptured into stunning pieces of wearable, affordable jewellery.

All pieces are made from high quality gold brass — which is the same colour as 14k gold.

All pieces delivered in whimsical jewellery box.

Exclusive to April and the Bear in Ireland.

Fans include — Chloë Sevigny, Ellen Page, Tilda Swinton, Greta Gerwig, Aubrey Plaza and Sarah Silverman.

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