Cut to Size Magnetic Poster Frame


As someone with a hell of a lot of art prints, I understand that finding frames for all the difference sizes they tend to come in can be frustrating. I mean how many times have you snipped the end off a print in an effort to fit it into a standard-sized frame? Right?

Well stop snipping because these magnetic frames will work with (pretty much) any sized print. 

Essentially this magnetic roll is cut to size, it sticks to almost* all surfaces (including glass) and you can reuse it. I know right? Where have you been all my life! 






It features a patented damage-free adhesive backing, making mounting to your wall or window effortless. No nails or screws required. 

If you decide to move it, no problem. Just peel it off ans stick it somewhere else - it leaves no residue and causes no damage to your surfaces.


Please note that this magnetic roll measures 1.5 mtrs.

*We do not recommend using on papered surfaces and some painted. Always test a small piece in a discreet area first to ensure it peels off okay. 

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