Cosmorama Art Print



This is how one might describe the work of Tina Rud Pedersen of Paradisco Productions. Paradisco Productions love the forward moving and groundbreaking. They create hand drawn illustrations with attitude free from conventional thinking.

This Cosmorama artwork was created one day when Tina played an '80s classic radio. The urge to create a coluorful motif, in a spirit of fluorescent 80s style, reflected in Cosmorama. The artwork is designed and composed of three watercolor drawings - digitally formed into a spectrum of colours. 

This piece measures 50 x 70cm and would look incredible hanging over a Master bed or over a fireplace. 

The illustration is printed on Silk Satin 350g paper and comes in a cellophane bag, loaded with a black papbaggrund to support the print. 

Exclusive to April and the Bear in Ireland. 

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