Meet Me At Lukes / Gilmore Girls Art Print


If you've ever meet me, you'll know that I'm entirely obsessed with the Gilmore Girls. Stars Hallow is where I W I L L retire and Luke's will of course be where I pop for coffee and terse but witty, light conversation.

A N Y W A Y when I discovered this amazing art print by Rachel Corcoran, featuring those delightful Gilmore creatures in Luke's - I H A D to have it. And if you're a GG fan I think you'll agree ;)

Rachel is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Dublin, Ireland. Having originally qualified as an archaeologist and art historian, Rachel now works exclusively as a professional illustrator and designer. Rachel's images evoke a sense of wonder and whimsy, and her love and knowledge of history and long-forgotten worlds is captured beautifully within her work.

This super quality A3 print is printed on 350gsm recycled Cyclus paper with plant-based ink and it measures 29 x 42 cm. 

Exclusively available with April and the Bear in this size. 

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