This is Weird Print

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For fairly obviously reasons I love this print. I mean it features a bear cycling a bicycle for crying out loud! Come on.

This print has been created with pencil — the artist Daniel Seex's favourite medium.  He has a taste for surrealism and deadpan humour and would cite contemporary illustrators such as Tom Gould, Jon Klasson and Yuko Shimizu  as his major influences. He currently lives in Edinburgh with his partner Julia. When he’s not drawing on something Daniel is interested in trivia, vexillology (that’s flag geekery), history, chemistry and sharks. 

This super quality print measures 30 x 42cms and is printed on to 260 – 350 gm, linen art paper. And yes, you're right it would make a flippin' fantastic gift.

Exclusive to April and the Bear. 

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