Mongol Worrier Art Print

€35.00 €17.50

This hilarious piece is printed on a light grey background with a very worried looking Mongolian warrior riding a horse with a myriad of thought bubbles trailing from his head which say...

I think I made a total mess of that last pillaging

oh dear

My murderings been sub par lately too …

Daniel works primarily in pen and ink adding colour and texture digitally and often building a picture from multiple works. This allows his work to have a flexibility that is useful when it come to illustration. He appreciates a good pun, which is fairly evident in his work. 

This art print is available in A3 and is printed on to 260 – 350 gm, linen art paper and would make a great gift for that pun-loving pal of yours. 

Exclusive to April and the Bear. 

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