Banana Lamp Louie


Introducing Louie, the yellow Banana table lamp. Isn't he swell?

The bright banana peel serves as the base of the lamp, the edible part takes the place of the light bulb. This unusual lamp is guaranteed to draw attention to itself and will make a fun statement in your home.

Studio Job have been creating modern design solutions with personal expressions for more than 15 years. Their iconic, cartoonish style brings a smile to most people’s lips, and the Banana Lamp for Seletti is no exception. The eye-catching lamp is fitted with a dimmable LED light, and it deserves a unique placement in your home, where the diffuse light can truly come into its own and create a cosy atmosphere.

This lamp measures 26 x 15 x 30cm and is made of resin. The light is 6W LED dimmable and it comes with black fabric wire and UK plug. 


Please note - due to the fragile nature of this light, it is collect in store only.

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