TypeWine Christmas Labels


You're invited, you forgot to get a present and grab a bottle of wine at Spar. You arrive and hand over the wine in a manky paper bag and mutter your apologies.

Now wouldn’t it be rather wonderful if you had some sort of graphic, Christmassy and FUN label that you could slap onto said bottle of wine to elevate it from obvious last-minute gift to a ‘Ah-look-what-the-lads-got-us’ gift! Well, say no more – introducing Typewine labels…

 There are 4 designs in the Christmas collection that can be simply stuck onto wine bottles, transforming them into a wonderfully festive gift. 

  •  Joy to the World the Wine is Here
  • All I want for Christmas is You
  • Merry Drunk I’m Christmas
  • I’m Dreaming of a Wine Christmas

Typewine hails from Hamburg and is the brainchild of Michael Kijac and Niko Baumgartl. Each label measures 130 x 90 mm in high quality gold or silver and should sit neatly over your wine bottle label.

Exclusive to April and the Bear in Ireland 

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