Ramble Book by Adam Buxton


I can't tell you how much Adam Buxton. 

He's the BEST, those jingles! That Rosie! The podcast! He's my favourite - and I was SO excited about this book. In his own words...

Ramble Book is a collection of essays and reminiscences about growing up in the 1980s, the friends I made and the films, TV and music (with particular emphasis on David Bowie) that, for better or worse, helped define the person I am today. It's also about families, especially my Dad, Nigel Buxton (aka BaaadDad), and the experience of having children of my own.  And then there's random chapters detailing confrontations on trains, arguing with my wife and my friendship with Rosie the dog. 

The book is mainly funny (I hope) but there are a few serious moments in there too, including thoughts on class, heartbreak and death.

Hardback book and yup, SUCH a deadly gift. 

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