Sloth Dance Art Print


There is something innately hilarious about sloths, I'm not sure if it's their freaky hand situation or their exquisite slowness — all I know is they're funny and I dig that.

This simple and fun print features two sloths talking a spin around the dance floor — yes people, they are doing a slow sloth dance. The print comes from the talented hand of Scottish artist Daniel Seex, he works primarily in pen and ink adding colour and texture digitally and often building a picture from multiple works. He has a taste for surrealism and deadpan humour and would cite contemporary illustrators such as Tom Gould, Jon Klasson and Yuko Shimizu  as his major influences. 

This measures 20 x 32cm and is printed on to 260 – 350 gm, hammered art paper and yes, it would look very well on that bathroom wall of yours. 

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