Extravagant Beer Art Print


How glorious is this? 

Yup. Agreed. 

This comes from the talented hand of Irish artist Austin Lysaght - his attention to detail, use of bold colour and preoccupation with hipsters gives his art a completely distinctive and unique style. 

Austin lives in Inchicore and is part of the Blind Elephant Illustration Collective, he has created a visually stunning, bold and graphic series of art prints that revolve around Hipster life in Dublin and we LOVE each and every one of them.

In the artists own words;

I like to draw outlandish versions of the people and trends I see around Dublin. I suppose it’s a form of social commentary, although I’m not quite sure what the comment is. Dublin is the hipster gift that keeps on giving. The more ridiculous it gets as a city, the more my drawings move from satire into documentary. Or maybe mockumentary.

…I draw to have fun, and to poke fun. It’s great that people seem to like it.

Safe to say they make brilliant gifts.

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