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April and the Bear is an award-winning DIY/ lifestyle and interiors blog. Dublin-based interior enthusiast/ blogger and entrepreneur Siobhan Lam shares her own experiences of doing up her home in Portobello ... be warned it involves head wounds, bruised shins, fire engines and never-ending mountains of dust. Don’t let this deter you though – we want to encourage and help other not-so-handy individuals to throw caution to the wind and pick up that sledge hammer, but to do so with slightly bent knees and a hard hat firmly on your head.

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The Bear Blog

Powdery Pink Interiors

There is something innately nostalgic about pink, it evokes sugary flavours from childhood like candyfloss and sticks of seaside-bought rock, it harks to a simpler time when all we had to concern ourselves with is which blush fairytale princess tutu to adorn that day – but as I’ve also discovered this season, pink makes for a fresh, modern and utterly...

Femme Crush Friday: Julie Andrews

Welcome chums and Happy Friday to you. This Friday we are crushing on a truly stupendous lady — Julie Andrews. For many, including me, the name Julie Andrews evokes warm nostalgia — an instant injection of happiness. She is after all Mary Poppins, not to mention a problematic Maria but as I learned recently* — her life has not always...

Creative, calm and cool: At Home with Elaine

Creative, calm and cool: At Home with Elaine

Like walking into an issue of Domino – this house is beautifully and thoughtfully put together, Elaine works in PR and has a fantastic eye for interiors and has created a colourful, fun and sophisticated home for her, her boyfriend Simon and dog Daisy. Elaine bought her house ten years ago with her sister and since then has re-jigged the...

Femme Crush Friday: Dame Zaha Hadid

Femme Crush Friday: Dame Zaha Hadid

This Friday we're paying homage to Dame Zaha Hadid. Zaha was a prolific architect — revered for her conceptual, neo-futuristic building projects and her unrelenting passion to carve a different path in design. She has designed numerous extraordinary buildings over her illustrious career like The Riverside Museum in Glasgow, the Heydar Aliyev cultural centre in Baku, Azerbaijan and the London Aquatics Centre, as...

Our Process: Interior Consulting

As you may or may not know, we offer an interior consulting service - it's a little different to 'usual' interior design, so I decided to write a post about the process and you guessed it, here it is... Last year I was contacted by Carole, who wanted help with the interior of her home. She and her husband had...

A is for AYTM

We are VERY pleased to introduce our newest brand AYTM. AYTM is pronounced like I T E M and is an interiors brand from Denmark, founded by Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen. We found the brand earlier in the year at a Danish tradeshow and as soon as we saw the quality of the materials and how they approached design...